Monday, June 6, 2016



Nothing to do - so I watch time slowly pass on the clock on the kitchen wall. 

I remember days and years when time was streaking by and there just didn't seem to be enough of it.  Whole days passed in what seemed like hours. The pace was breathtaking.

And now, with nothing to do but wait for something, anything, to change, I watch the hands of the clock, which move remarkably slowly when there are no distractions from the empty pursuit of waiting.

I am no longer in control of any of my consequences. There is no planning; no doing. I am merely living passively, a slave to time. Watching time. Waiting for some occurrence to move my mind away from the glacial pace of idle time.

For now, I watch time and just stare at it as an observer and not as a participant.

I am a victim of the clock, and its painful slowness.

And time moves at a glacial pace when there is nothing to fill it but watching it pass.


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