Thursday, March 31, 2016



The beginning of spring, with the nighttime chill of winter's long goodbye in the evening wind
a star-filled sky, yet I can only see the smile on your beautiful face, upturned, expecting a kiss;

And I held you tightly, your coat pressed against my jacket, and I kissed you,
and I kissed you again, and while I knew it was time to leave, I wanted nothing but to kiss you and
to feel the rush of your femininity and hidden longing to complete my love-hungry circuitry;

The soft, sweet taste of your lips upon mine only made me want more connection;

Transported through the miracle of the experience, I was a teenager again,
loving everything about you, and lingering on your every sacred word,
loving you intently and intensely as a man loves a woman,
warming with loving desire,
and the whip of the cold wind only making this more desperately so.



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