Sunday, March 13, 2016


days now streak by in a mad rush
while nights have become darker and longer
with time passing so slowly
that thinking,
and thinking about what i am thinking,
consume my consciousness
as they've commandeered what was once my own mind;
and my aching skull is an overcrowded vault
filled with kept secrets and
the ghostly shadows of lies.
this is what comes of deceit and denial
and of a life spun so wildly out of control
that it can no longer be reined in or harnessed or focused or at rest;
and thousands of echoing voices live where once
a single, simple truth had resided.
I try to scream out for help
in formulating some plan of escape from myself
but those who once listened
can no longer hear my plaintive entreaties
for they are lost in rapid-growing mazes and jungles
of their own
secrets and lies
and searching desperately for some way out.

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