Saturday, March 26, 2016



Trying to force a poem to become written
is an assault to all of my standards and sensibilities...
Inspiration must strike me and ignite me with an insatiable need to reduce something to writing -
something that can initiate a far-reaching resonance.
While thinking this, I wandered (perhaps it was fate) into a coffee shop
and placed my order with a seemingly ordinary, very polite young lady.
As she readied my order, she turned her back to me and began quietly singing with the voice of an angel. Singing to herself, without self-conscious thought -- without any pretense.

As if she had suddenly become aware of her subconscious singing,
she turned to me and said, "Sorry about the voice, but at least the singing is free."

And I said to her, in my awe-struck state at this unexpected miracle,
and out of an instantaneous renewal of my faith in a benevolent Creator,

"No, miss. Your singing is not free. It is beautiful and priceless."

She blushed a true crimson and demurely thanked me.

And I thanked God over and over as I walked out of that coffee shop,
that unadorned house of worship and gratitude and miracles,
and looked upward into the early evening sky
and noticed the clear, clean brightness of the stars anew.


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