Sunday, August 9, 2015



Cliches will never be for you, never about you;
Avoid them. Defy them. Outwit them all.
Walk away from any room corrupted with their vacant smiles
and their compliant, cadenced laughter
wrought of an unspoken underlying fear;

Distance yourself from their legion standard-bearers,
eager to add to their burgeoning numbers,
inconspicuous and ordinary,

Listen closely to the voices within yourself
to the innate music of your own making,
a symphony of infinite possibilities,
an expression unlike any other,
a call to meaningful exploration of great gifts,
and of ideas waiting to be born;

Be vigilant in the face of convention, and be
wary of its contempt for questions
and acts of spontaneity;

Remember that the closer you stand to the crowd,
the further you stand from yourself,
and the greater the danger of loss of your own light
in this world, so needful;

Do not invite compromise too easily.

Strain to see beyond the horizon.

Draw all of your own designs.

Always be you only.


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