Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Until The Whisperings... - #POETVERITAS


On the impossibly conflicted terrain,
the twist between pleasure and pain,
the bridge between us was built; through the crucible of the years,
through the pulse of expansion and contraction,
through blinding fire and frozen stillness
our souls bonded, consigned -
inextricably intertwined -
by destiny combined;
or so I had thought / or perhaps had desperately dreamed/
until that is/ or was/
until the whisperings came;
from out of nowhere --
sounding at first like distant static
from a radio tuned between stations,
and then like the fevered hum of wires, whining
like myriad veins embedded within the walls,
and finally, like the screams of children
on a midnight roller coaster ride gone wild;
inescapable, cutting into my every thought,
my every minute, my every breath,
mercilessly... relentlessly --
and today I can barely think of what to say
in this letter that I am trying to write to you
/amid the screeching and howling in my head/
and besides which, I fear that
someone else is living at your old address.


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