Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Dance With The #Stalker -- #POETVERITAS


You appeared in a tiny corner box-shaped window on my computer screen;
Unrequested. Unbidden. Suddenly. Startling me.
A rendered, cleanly typed


out of thin air from an anonymous wraith of cyberspace.
I clicked on a small "x" in the upper left-hand corner of your stolen space and you vanished; only to reappear each time I sat down, shuddering slightly, to turn my computer on.
Undeniable and unforgettable, you reappeared with your sparse, alien communication:

"Hello. I'm watching you."

And for fully four months, you were a constant in my life. Appearing on my screen at your whim.
Knowing me through all that I viewed, and wrote and read.

"Hello. I'm watching you."

So simple, yet so powerful and invasive.
Eyes watching my every living moment through a one-sided screen...
Knowing my every longing, my every indiscretion, my every sin, my every doubt, my every move...
My unknowable companion.
My response was unnecessary. You knew me. You had me.

"Hello. I'm watching you."

It's been four months, and you have ceased to appear.
You have just vanished.
I have failed you.
I was neither interesting nor engaging enough to hold your attention.
And I find that I crave that mysterious attention now that you have stolen it from me.

And through your non-communication you have spoken volumes.
I turn on my computer with guilty, half-hopes that I will find your trace, your presence there,
making me feel desired... making me important...
But my half-hopes are fast fading into feelings of finality.

I am no longer the star in a movie watched by an invisible audience in a blind theater -

Without you, #Stalker, I am nobody.

Once again, I am nobody.

Once again, I am utterly and totally alone.



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