Friday, July 10, 2015



An empire built upon repression must fall;
as surely as a crack, like a vein, in a wall
grows larger with each frost and thaw
and with the pounding, upon the earth
of freedom's inevitable footsteps, so it, once mighty,
crumbles -

Every fateful act is voluntary
and every thought your own,
and just below the somber surface of oppression
runs the river of freedom
and the water of life -

Let no captive be complacent,
let no spirit be resigned,
 for freedom's longing can never, will never,
be contained by chains or fences
or be, with mortal defeat, aligned -

And, above all else, be ever vigilant,
 of those subtle macerations of sacred liberty
under guise of loyalty, patriotism or Greater Good,
for the flag that represents you must be your very own -

Kill for it, or die for it,
but do not take it for granted:
It is everything.


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