Sunday, July 19, 2015

Don't Give Up On Yourself - Ever -- #POETVERITAS

Don't Give Up On Yourself - Ever

Do not be consumed with self-loathing when you are set upon by a barrage of seemingly relentless, merciless failures;

Do not be dissuaded of your value, your ability or your prospects by slips and falls,
nor of the ill-spirited laughter that echoes in the wake of a minor setback, nor of the catcalls of those who have settled into complacency and embraced mediocrity;

Ignore the bitter comments about your shortcomings that are uttered by those jaded souls who have given into despair and cynicism;

It only takes a single success to offset a lifetime of failed attempts.

Every single day, you are reborn into a world of new possibilities.

Be inspired. Persist. Persevere.

Don't give up on yourself - ever.



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