Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making Some Sense Of It All -- POET VERITAS --

Making Some Sense Of It All

I've spent these last five hours,
thirty seven minutes and twelve seconds
pacing the floor of my apartment
fighting the urge to just get into
my car and race over to your place,
and ring your doorbell, and hold your
hands in mine, and look into your
eyes and beg you to forgive me and
take me back, and that I was so
very wrong when I made that comment
about wanting to be free for a while;
what I should have said was that
I was afraid of falling so hard and
becoming too dependent, and then,
getting hurt just like those other
times... I'm too impulsive, people 
tell me, and impulsive people lead 
lives of regret... and being impulsive
and afraid of love leads, in this case,
to almost a whole bottle of wine, and
ten crumpled-up balls of writing paper
in the wastebasket (and three on the
floor under my desk); I'm too drunk
to drive, but this feeling is hell, and
I miss you ALREADY... nothing I write
could ever express it, so I'll give you a call
to make some sense of it all.


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