Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don't Leave Her Love Untended -- Poet Veritas


Do not leave the young lady's love untended

Her delicate flower needs water and sunshine and the touch of a skilled gardener

to bring out the luster in its fragile petals;

Be awe-struck with racing heart and shaky voice

but fear not that of being a fool

for the fool in his awkwardness is the greatest prover of love's truth

and should you be hypnotized by the subtle sway of beauty so bright that it stings your eyes

move toward the object of your fixation and fear and bow before its luscious innocence, 

to be blessed as a supplicant in the mystical sanctuary of profound preoccupation

and be purified in that moment of moments

when her lips part slightly in the shy but sly curve of a smile

and her eyes meet yours so briefly

and all that there is is all that she is;

be overwhelmed and carried to where the truth of what you feel leads you --

and should it draw you ever closer to her flame

remember to surrender to her budding love gently and profusely 

until you've successfully forgotten

where your spirit ends and hers begins

and give yourself up in fullness to her

and swear to her in that instant that you will never leave her love untended.


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