Wednesday, January 28, 2015



You wanted the best for me

even when I was at my stumbling, stuttering worst -

You never gave up on me

even when they my entire small world had -

You encouraged me to moments of greatness when I thought I was an empty vessel

You brought me to myself when I was lost for who I was

And you put the pieces together whenever I would crash

Wiping me off and shining me clean

And I went out into life and took to the roads that took to me

And I thought about you but not enough

And the guilt grew though you knew I loved you -

You forgave me my transgressions and trespasses and lapses and relapses;

But now your soul has left its tired, aged body

And I cry like a small child at my loss...

Please know that even as I laugh (as you 'd taught me to),

I'm grieving the loss of you,

My Mother, who fought battles to keep me in school,

Who had the greatest dreams and hopes for me,

Who gave me life, and gave me strength and gave me dreams;

And my tears are hot on my face as I leave the grave site

With the insane afterthought that maybe I could call upon you to console me,

In my feeling of crushing loss;

The irony is that I thought I'd grown up, but, then,

Children never quite outgrow their parents ('though we entertain this delusion),

And I thought that I would be strong when you would be called away,

But I am weakened now as I grieve --

A little boy needing his mother.


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